Litter planning

For Spring/Summer 2019 We plan our Blitter. Theoretically, grey (blue) puppies (75% probability), as well as fawn puppies (25% probability) are to be expected. More information about this mating can be found here. 

Coefficient of inbreeding: 0.34 %; Ancestor loss 22.8 % ( 7 generations)

We plan our first litter January 2018! The female dog is our Goldie daft of Kenda. A very promissing male dog, Houdini Della Casa Pulcinella, 37,5 cm in size, black colored, guarantees a litter with perfect puppy sizes. Houdini bears the following titles: BR CH-Brazilian beauty Champion, DWZRV winner annual exhibition 2013. Fawn, creme and black-puppies are expected. Goldie has been investigated for eye diseases and patella! An inbreeding coefficient of under 2% guarantees healthy puppies! If you are interested in a puppy, please write to us! We are looking forward to meet you!

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Coefficient of inbreeding: 1.64 %; Ancestor loss 22.4 % ( 7 generations)