Soon you will find here more information about the puppies

12/02/2018 – Tomorrow are little puppies  7 weeks old!

15/01/2018 – Hello World! Allegra opened her eyes!


11/01/2018 – We’ve shot a video


01/01/2018 – Our Goldie got her first puppies-3 girls and 1 boy! All seems to be healthy and lively. We are positively surprised to have three puppies of gray color and a Isabell girl. We also expected black puppies! Maybe next time… Every puppy has its own website: Aina, Azzurro, Allegra and Ava!


24/12/2017 – It’s all ready and the whelping box is ready! With an infrared camera we can observe Goldie in the whelping box without disturbing it. All this in HD quality and also on the go 🤖

22/12/2017 – Day 50! Goldies tummy looks pretty thick! Now we are looking forward to the last few days! She weighs 5.0 kg!

13/12/2017 – Today is Day 41! Goldie has a lot more appetite and looks pretty round. The scale shows 4.3 kg! That’s about 700 g more than usual!

06/12/2017 – Day 34! Goldie yesterday…

04/12/2017-Ultrasound showed 3 puppies today! It could be quite more said the vet! Waiting…..

01/11/2017 – In early January 2018 we expect our first litter: A-litter! Our goals were healthy, beautiful, elegant puppies and so we were looking for suitable males for our female “Goldie Daft of Kenda”. We found a very nice, elegant, healthy male with an interesting coat color: “Houdini della casa Pulcinella” by Dorothe Ebener.

Pedigree analysis for testmating of Houdini Della Casa Pulcinella x Goldie Daft Of Kenda

Coefficient of inbreeding:0.68%; Ancestor loss 4.8 % ( 5 generations)